5 Best Saddle Shoes For Women Online (Buying Guide)

Firstly, lets begin with basics what are saddle shoes?

Once a popular style of the early 1900s, saddle shoes are or oxford saddles are the type of shoes mainly worn by athletes of the time and later styled by women and children. These two-toned leather shoes use to come in very limited color combinations like white tan or dark blue to pick from. Sonner it was seen as a part of girls school uniform.

Brief History of Saddle Shoes

Saddle shoes started taking over as a part of fashion in women, it was in the 1920s when women started demanding an equal say in society and started to dress up like men from short hair and to catch up later to even wearing the statement saddle shoes.

After gaining popularity among women these shoes started coming in different color combinations to widen their market strongly among women. By the end of 1950 saddle shoes were the number one shoes to be sold among teens and women from wearing them in daily lifestyle to rocking in the cheerleading matches, before it started drifting in sales in the early ’60s as the new generation took over.

Best Saddle Shoes

1) Ellie Shoes Women’s 105-SD Oxford

Not only these shoes are comfortable to hog around in day time but one can carry it to parties and slay all the time. It’s impossible for you to go wrong with these classic pair of saddle shoes. The vintage color and design will bring back the 1950’s retro vibes to anywhere you carry them.

The Shoe is made of 100% Polyurethane material with a synthetic sole and adding a comfortable 1.25” heel which can easily be carried by any short or tall person. It definitely will compliment your poodle skirt or flared blue denim and absolutely don’t worry about its masculine looks it will give a chic vibe once paired correctly. It’s currently available in two different color combinations black/white and pink/white.


  • Can be worn for long hours
  • Versatile fashion
  • Perfect for people with wide feet too
  • Pretty Affordable


  • Easily gets dirty
  • Loud and Cackling sounds on non-carpet areas
  • Sometimes non-breathable
  • Scuffs easily

Women Block Heel Wingtip Oxford

This Chunky Wingtip Block Heel Saddle is surely gonna impress you equally with the number of adjectives it carries before its name. Don’t worry about slaying it either on your presentation day or direct office to party days, they for sure are gonna make the transition pretty smooth without feeling a bit.

It is such a convenient piece with a heel height of 2.17″ not too tall not too flat which can simply be worn throughout the year be it any season dry or wet without you being afraid of them getting dirty or slippery. Remember to order the size that is true to you as the seller claims to update its size chart after numerous complaints so don’t get tricked by past reviews. The shoe delivered to you might come with a strong smell of synthetic but it fades with use and time.

Average Heel Size
Convenient Lace-up
Suitable for all seasons

Comes with a strong odor
Comes in a variety of color options

3) Eastland Women’s Sadie Oxford

For sure these pair of saddle shoes will drive you down memory lane, Their soft leather, two-toned design, and active memory foam sole will make sure for your comfort is prioritized. It is one of the best pieces and simply goes with every kind of dress, pants, skirts, and even shorts. To add an amazing fact is it also can be part of your child’s school uniform so throw away those uncomfy pair your child has been complaining about for the longest time and get your hands on these it’s for sure gonna last you longer than an academic year.

It is a versatile piece so you can do it with or without socks, remember to check the size chart of the manufacturer and not the seller for correct information on sizes.

Perforated Leather Overlay
Super-light Weight
Suitable for School Uniform

Choosing the correct pair can be difficult for some

4) Eastland Womens Buck Oxford’

If you are looking for a pair of suede saddle shoes then this perfect fit for you, these won’t make you feel Masculine and at the same time give you a sharp look all day long. The one”s having a hard time to find a perfect fit for their wide legs is sure to end the search with ones as most of the wide fit shoes makes you feel bulky but definitely not this one.

As they come with a textile lining, cushioning sole, and perfect heel size of 1′ don’t hesitate to carry them all day at work be it on the desk or off desk job they won’t compromise your look or comfort. We recommend pairing it up with socks to rock your semi-casual or jeans outfits and also to lace them up to fit perfectly that will be it the compliments are sure to flow in.

Goes with almost everything
Super Comfortable
Good Support
Low Heel

Might give you a masculine look
Trouble is finding the right size

5) Ollio Women’s Flat Shoe Wingtip Lace Up Two Tone Oxford

As we all know saddle shoe era was a long time back but with recent new twists to its designs it has again been on the market and now not for cheerleaders or office-goers but for semi-casual and party wears too. These pairs are sure to match your criteria for the price it comes, don’t expect a luxury deal at this price. It will be fairly okay to say these will bring compliments to your way and make you feel cute but a long day at the office might be mighty decisions with these.

They are sure to be perfect for your short or light uses or maybe hogging around in the house, you might have to get it re-glued as it doesn’t retain moisture or water and might loosen up. It might also be a problem for a wide foot person as with your normal size there wouldn’t be space to move much so we highly recommend going a size up with this.

Feminine and cute
Perfect for a casual look

Does not retain moisture and water
Longetitivity issues
No arch support
Size Issues

Conclusion :-

Saddle shoes are considered giving a vintage look to your outfit . Hence for those who loves Saddle shoes i think we have consolidated a good list . Let us know your thought.

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